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For easy and quick cleaning of cooker hoods

A new, remarkably efficient, automated spray system, ideal for use in restaurants, hotels and the food industry. Bio-chem VENT is a scrubbing system for exhaust pipes. It maintains the ventilation systems in a clean and greasy condition, and after cleaning, the exhaust pipes look new, without deposits old oils or other fats. In addition, VENT purifies heat recovery elements and reduces their wear. It also restores the life of the filters in the ventilation system.

How Vent AIR Works?

Cleanse fat with biotechnology!

1. Installing Vent Nozzles

2. Scattered biological enzymes

3. Drainage for drainage

4. Collecting dissolved fat

VENT allows grease to flow smoothly

1. Biochemical degreasing process

The cleaning agent is injected into the exhaust duct. The liquid is dispersed in the exhaust duct just like the particulate particles in the exhaust air, and then separates the fat into glycerol and fatty acids. Stubborn deposits will soften.

2. The process of dissolving old fats

The degraded old fat dissolves from the sides of the exhaust ducts and squeezes back into the fat collecting channels. The grease drainage valves facilitate discharge in the long sections of the duct.

3. The odor neutralization process

The odor molecules are grouped and sealed in the shells. The fragrance absorber will neutralize the unpleasant, stinking scents.


This extraction system is suffering from an accumulation of FOG, meaning it is ineffective at doing it’s job. There is a very real fire hazard, numerous health & safety issues, and a hefty carbon footprint. There is also a stench of stale grease wafting through the restaurant. The cost to the business owner of maintaining this ventilation system is can be significant.


Installation of Vent AIR has transformed the effectiveness of this kitchen extraction system. Employees are happier due to a more pleasant working environment, diners are returning to the restaurant and environmental health have just awarded this kitchen 5 stars. The cost to the business owner of maintaining this ventilation system is both predictable and minimised.

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